Billboard Advertising in Bend, OR (Deschutes County, GA)

Whether on US Route 20 or on 97, Bend, Oregon (Deschutes County, GA) and nearby Redmond, OR billboards are unbeatable. All other things equal, Bend, OR billboards outshine television, radio and internet advertising. The traditional static/print billboards in Bend are visible during the day and most are illuminated in the evenings. The digital/LED billboards in Bend are usually on from 6 am to 12 midnight and rotate between different advertisers.

Bend, OR Billboard Advertising Data

No. of Billboards 50 (estimated)
Major Roads U.S. Route 20, U.S. Route 97, Century Drive Highway No. 372
Attractions St. Charles Medical Center
Population 99,682 (estimated)
DMA No. 192
Race White 85%
Black 2%
Hispanic 7%
Other 6%
Median Income $63,468
Median Age 38

Bend, OR Billboard Advertising Rates

(Estimated per location per 4 weeks.)

Bulletin (Large Billboard) $1,350
Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard) $1,600
Poster (Medium Billboard) $600
Digital Poster (Medium Digital Billboard) $800

Map of Bend Billboards

Zip Codes 97701 97702 97703 97708
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